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Author Karen Higgins

Growing Strength for Today
and Bright Hope for Tomorrow
through novels, short stories
and poems.    


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 Out of the Depths
A desperate plea, a busybody neighbor and a pot of clam chowder...can they possibly bring healing after trauma? 

A mom would do anything for her kids, even when it means jumping into the deep—without a life jacket. But Jane’s son asks for something she vowed she’d never do again. How can she say ‘yes’ when it means bringing trauma to the surface again? But how can she say ‘no’ when her son is desperate? She must dive in and help... even though it may feel a whole lot more like drowning. 


Welcome friends! 

It's good to be together,

is it not?

I hope you'll get cozy

and stay awhile.

There's plenty to read, including a free novella and many blog posts, along with lots of nature photography

if you need a little escape.

My hope is that you'll find this

a place of refreshment

and renewal!

“I cultivate my garden, and my garden cultivates me."
Robert Breault


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About Karen 

Since running away to Prince Edward Island and turning into Anne of Green Gables wasn't an option, Karen grew up doing the next best thing...reading, reading and more reading. As she read, she grew to believe in the power of stories to develop personal character, to grow in wisdom, to soften hearts.


When she grew older, among the joys and busyness of being a wife and homeschool mom, she learned to write the kind of stories she loved to read. Stories of growth, of surrender, of finding the beauty in everyday life. It is her hope and prayer that these stories and blog posts give her readers a small glimpse into God's heart for them.

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If you have a question for Karen or would just like to chat, please send her an email. She's looking forward to getting to know you!


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