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Karen L Higgins

A Cultivated Life

Welcome to my author website!

Please, pour yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable.I'm so glad you've dropped by. If it's gardening that floats your boat, you can visit Pocketful of Posey, a blog about the ins and outs of gardening, English cottage style, inspired by a favorite character in my books. Or, if you prefer to escape to nature, you can visit the photography page and enjoy the minute details of creation.Feel free to stay as long as you would like. Thank you for visiting!


Since running away to Prince Edward Island and turning into Anne of Green Gables wasn't an option, Karen grew up doing the next best thing...reading just about everything she could get her hands on. As she read, she grew to believe firmly in the power of stories to develop personal character, to grow in wisdom, to soften hearts.

When she grew older, among the joys and difficulties of being a home school mom to five children and a wife to her high school sweetheart, she learned to write the kind of stories she loved to read. Stories of growth, of surrender, of finding the beauty in everyday life.It is her hope and prayer that these stories are powerful in the hearts and lives of her readers.

When she isn't writing or driving her kids around, she's working to tame the earth of her suburban yard into the English garden she envisions. Or she's taking a walk, camera in hand, trying to capture the beauty she sees. Or, just maybe, she's curled up with a cup of tea, snatching a few quiet moments to read.