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Plotting and Planning for Fall Foliage

It happens every fall.

I'm looking at other gardens, and they all seem to be planted

with autumn in mind,

almost as though fall is their ultimate destination.

And then I look at mine,

and while I do have some fall color,it mostly just looks tired.

Kind of like I feel.

Tired of watering and weeding.

Tired of maintaining, ready for a break.

But then I go outside, smell the wood smoke in the air,

look at the brilliance around me and the slant of the sun, and think

maybe I could fit in a few more plants.

Maybe I could extend my gardens just a little bit more.

With that in mind, I went to the local nursery the other day,

just to get some ideas.

This is the lovely blossom from the Pink Gatsby, an Oakleaf Hydrangea.

And these are the leaves, with brilliant color and an interesting shape.

We all know I always have room for another hydrangea, especially a lovely one for fall!

Then there's this beauty, a sedum appropriately named

Autumn Joy.

A lovely rusty color, with much by way of texture.

Especially beautiful next to purple asters as they bloom together.

I had a couple of these, but they got swallowed by ground cover.

Speaking of which, this was offered in a miniature,

suitable for ground cover.

I wasn't going to purchase anything.

Just a fact finding mission...

Yes, I thought that was funny too!

This little berry came home with me, just one of them.

I have a soft spot for berries, edible or not.

Especially when they come with such lovely green foliage.

Especially when that lovely green foliage is year-round, blooms in June with white blossoms, followed by red aromatic berries.

It is a ground cover, called Winterberry.

Speaking of berries,

I think blueberries are really the most brilliant thing you can put in your flower garden.

The berries themselves are wonderful, of course,

but the fall foliage is splendid.

Even in the winter, the bare branches are truly artistic.

I have a few among my perennials,

and they are a lovely backdrop, as well as something solid

during the bare winter months when the perennials

have melted away.

Happy plotting, planning and planting!

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