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Winter Gardens

For all of you sitting cozy in your homes,

watching the rain or snow fall with a cup of tea,

wouldn't it be lovely to look out upon a winter garden?

"Posey," you say, "it's winter, nothing grows in the winter."

And you would be right,

but only part way.

What about the things that don't die back in the winter?

The structure of your garden, the things you planted that are always there.

Here, I suggest a few additions to that structure,

things that will add color and interest in the grey months.

This is the red elderberry,

only this one seems to be a lovely shade of rusty, pinkish red.

It does fine with wet soil and partial shade,

blooms lovely white clusters of flowers,

and attracts birds as the berries ripen.

This black mondo grass is a fun addition.

It sets off the green evergreen shrubs in the garden nicely,

and adds a tropical-like texture.

The burning bush is aptly named,

as the branches show a plethora of orange, red and yellow,

one blending into the next.

A beautiful tree trunk adds dimension and interest

to the winter garden,

also providing a place for lichen to grow and flourish.

And we can't forget about the coral bells,

their burgundy leaves that mound so nicely

adding a dash of color.

Happy winter!

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