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Winter Blooms

When there are no blooms, no leafy green foliage,

and the trees are stripped bare,

this is the time to look for some of the most

exquisite and tenacious plants

known to mankind.

This is a humble, not to mention ugly, concrete curb,

transformed into a work of art by simple

and often overlooked moss.

Lichen clinging to the branches, deep in the stormy

coastal woods, blooming for anyone to admire.

The soft, emerald green moss clings to the craggy sides of a boulder,

creating a contrast of textures and colors.

And the woods at the coast again, with a green so green

it's hard to believe.

There is beauty abounding in this world,

even in the depths of winter, when you feel like

you can't take another cloudy day.

We just have to look for it.

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