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Spring To-Do

In honor of the miraculous month of March,

I am sending you a lovely bunch of daffodils.

Yes, miraculous might be a strong word,

but when I consider that a week ago we had snow on the ground,

and the soil was so frozen it might as well have been asphalt,

it certainly feels miraculous.

The sun came out, the snow melted, the daffodils bloomed,

and I spent a whole day in the garden.

On my to-do list was, of course, weeding.

Weeding always comes first,

and I cleaned out my beds, at least some of them.

Next will be mulching. Most people mulch in the fall,

and that is good advice.

But I am not most people.

I have fought mulching for years, but I'm finally giving in.

I will go with dark bark, as it looks the most like dirt.

The weeds, or should I say, the irrepressible perennials,

have driven me to it.

I haven't wanted to simply because I love soil.

I love to look at it, feel it in my hands,

see it from a distance.

But, the reality is, after spending the whole of Saturday weeding,

I know I will have to do the whole thing over in only another week.

My back can't take it.

I will let you know my thoughts and opinions on dark bark in the near future.

I also did a bit of pruning, and I advise you to do the same

for optimal blooms just around the corner.

Happy Spring To-Doing!

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