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  • Karen L Higgins


A mighty wind.

Pounding rain and hail,

shoving creation around

as if it were nothing.

An ancient tree falls

it's roots exposed for all to see.

It stood the test of time,

towering above the forest

for decades.

Surviving other storms

and the will of men

with roots as strong and thick

as the branches above.

And yet it falls.

Why this storm?

Was there more involved than meets the eye?

Something under the surface,

hidden, secret,


Were the roots decaying

as a wet land expanded?

Was there a worm

feasting on the tree's life?

Perhaps a creeping vine,

it's own roots stealing strength.

Or a rushing of waters,

carrying away its foundation.

And I wonder,

are my roots in danger of the decay

of tradition and lip service

rather than true devotion?

Is there a parasite clinging to me,

eating away my moments and days?

Has something crept into my life,

it's roots tangled with mine,

stealing my heart?

Is there anything

carrying away my foundation?

It's sobering to think,

I too could fall,

if it weren't for my Savior's tender care

and guard,

his promises to hold onto me.

May my soul feed on him alone,

my strength be found in him.

May he be my

sole foundation,

sheltering me in the storms

of life.

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