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  • Karen HIggins

Flowers of the Field

A quick walk to clear my head,

that's really all I need.

But a field beckons

and wildflowers call.

I am drawn to them

like I'm drawn to breathing.

Their melody rises to the sky,

a chorus of jumbled colors.

A medley of shape and form

blooming in exuberance,

rejoicing as they lift faces to the heavens.

They are not thinking of tomorrow,

when their beauty will begin to fade.

They are not thinking of yesterday,

remembering icey winds.

They are simply alive.

In the moment.

Unhampered by cares.

Joyful on this day.

Sure of their Maker.

I wander amongst them, delighting in their exuberant beauty.

And I wonder, could I savor this day like a wildflower?

Not worrying about what tomorrow may bring.

Forgetting icey winds from the past.

In the moment.

Simply alive.

Unhampered by cares.

Joyful in all my moments.

Embracing this season, this day, this hour.

Sure of my Maker.

I lift my face to the heavens,

breathe the scent of pine and prairie,

and take in the glory of the sky.

My burdens feel a little lighter,

my thoughts a little slower.

A walk to fill my soul,

that's all I really needed.

1 Comment

Ginger Kauffman
Ginger Kauffman
Jun 20

A superb reason to take a walk, Karen, and to write a poem about it.

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