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  • Karen L Higgins

Lost and Found

March, 2003

I stared at my ring finger. Something looked different. Off, somehow. I peered closer and felt my heart plummet to my toes.

My diamond. It was gone.

The same diamond my love had given to me on bended knee.

The same diamond that I had worn with joy throughout the last eleven years of marriage.

The ring was still there, but the prongs held only air, void of sparkle and meaning.

The children's voices grew faint as I thought through the day. So many errands run, so many places it could be. Was it at the church where I had gone to Bible study this morning? Was it at the grocery store where I hauled all four children around, picking up necessities? Or was it here in the house, maybe in the box of beads and sequins I had brought out to do a craft with the children?

I felt tears prickling my eyes, a lump swell in my throat. It could be anywhere. I'd never find it.

My husband just shook his head when I told him that evening, defeat in his eyes already. Replacing it would be impossible. The six of us packed into a two-bedroom, one-bath double wide. Living on one income so I could stay home and care for the family. It was worth it, but there was no money for extras. Certainly not enough to replace my diamond.

I worked on my Bible study questions that night, trying to focus. The lost diamond had taken over my mind, weighed down my heart. I read the passage and couldn't help but laugh. The parable of the woman and the lost coin. How ironic.

Then a thought struck me, working its way through my mind and straight into my heart.

God knows exactly where my diamond is at this very moment.

He watched it fall out of my ring. He sees it right now, wherever it is lying.

I find I don't have a trace of doubt that this is true.

But is he caring enough to show it to me?

Yes, I think so. Maybe.

Shame shot through me as I realized I hadn't even asked him to show me where it was. Grabbing my husband's hand, we prayed together.

But it didn't magically appear like I halfway hoped, falling into my lap from the pages of my Bible. Instead, I went through the rest of the evening chores, prayed with the children, tucked them in, and finally fell into bed. But my heart was heavy as I tried to fall asleep.

As I woke and went through my morning routine, I avoided looking at my hand. It hurt too much. Yes, it was just a thing. But it was a thing of meaning and sweet memories.

Grabbing the broom, I started sweeping the tiny kitchen, trying to get all the bread crumbs and dirt from underneath the cupboards. I swept the pile towards me but stopped when I saw a tiny glitter. My heart jumped.

I reached for it, hoping against hope.. Could it possibly be?

Holding it up to the light, I knew it was true. God showed me where my diamond was!

I looked at it resting in my palm, amazed at how miniscule it was for such a powerful sparkle.

I laughed and squealed and ran to my husband, clutching the diamond tight in my fist.

The impossible had come to be, because nothing was impossible for God.

Yes, he was big enough to know exactly where it was. And he cared enough to show me`.

*Author's Note

Thank you for reading...I hope it blessed you! By the way, this is a true story, every word of it!

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Jan 20, 2022

Karen, this is such a wonderful story....especially because a very similar thing happened to my mom. We were lying in the sand at Houghton Beach. I glanced at her, and saw, to both my horror and hers, that her diamond was missing! We searched the sand and towels for probably an hour, but had to head back to our car with no diamond. She opened the car door......and there it was, lying on the floor of the driver's seat. My parents had no money to replace it, but God was so good to restore it to her! But....He still is good, even if our precious item is never found! He knows what is best for us in every situation....whether there…

Karen L Higgins
Karen L Higgins
Jan 20, 2022
Replying to

Yes, he is still good, all the time! I'm so glad he showed your mom her diamond, just like he did mine! Something only he can do!! Thank you for sharing!

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