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  • Karen HIggins


Anyone who has a patch of flowers knows that July is a time of abundance.

A vast array, a parade of textures, colors and scents,

from the tiniest forget-me-not to the dinner plate-sized hydrangea.

Roses, black-eyed susans, salvia, lilies, poppies, zinnias...

A plethora of petals.

All this abundance makes me stop and think...

what would the world be like if there was only one kind of flower?

Or no flowers at all?

Surely our Creator could have come up with a way for bees to gather pollen,

hummingbirds nectar,

and trees to bear fruit without all this profusion.

But our God is of infinite imagination.

And he delights in me, wants me to delight in him.

And so he gives me flowers

and walks with me in the garden in the cool of the day.

He is abundant toward me,

toward you,

with far more than mere flowers.

He lavishes all kinds of gifts on us.

Patience. Tenderness.

Mercy. Grace. Love.

His very life.

It makes me want to bloom just as hard as I can,

to shine bright where he plants me.

Whether the soil is good or bad,

whether the rains come or not.

In the cold of winter and the warmth of summer.

Whether my blossoms are lavish

or tiny.

I want to live in his abundance.

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