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  • Karen L Higgins

"Bloom Where You're Planted," she said.

A wise woman once said something to me,

just one sentence,

and cliché though it may be,

it stopped me in my tracks.

Those simple words made me realize

the road of discontent

had been my journey

for far too long.

Though the ground beneath

my plodding feet

was full of life and growth,

I couldn't see it

for wishing for something different.

Stuck in my dreams

trying to force them to come true.

Blinders on my eyes

to a different way,

a new perspective.

To good plans laid

out for me

exactly where I was.

"Bloom where you're planted,"

was all she said,

with a quirk in her eyebrow

and wisdom

in her eyes.

And I wondered,

what had I missed

from only seeing my dreams,

and not opening my eyes to his?

For wishing for something


rather than the

beautiful journey I was on?

And so I stopped

and looked around me.

Smelled the fresh air,

listened to the crickets and birds.

I looked at the dusty road,

and saw wildflowers

that bloomed beneath my feet.

Blossoms that I had

stepped upon

without even knowing

they were there.

Blooms that grew

and flourished

in dusty dirt made just for them.

They didn't long

for rich soil

or beautiful pots.

They just did

what they were made to do.

If flowers could bloom and crickets could sing,

couldn't I?

Could I work

and bless

and bloom

with eternity in mind

rather than my plans for here and now?

Grateful for the day ahead of me,

trusting for the future?

And when life

is good and dreams are fulfilled,

when the soil is rich and it's easy to bloom,

how easy it is for me to turn





may my roots delve deep

into him

and his good purposes,

blooming exactly where I'm planted.

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