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  • Karen L Higgins

Considering the Lilies

The aftermath of

goals met and dreams realized.

A new home in a new city.

Jubilation mixed with exhaustion.

Bitter mingled with sweet.

And with us comes


upon boxes

upon boxes

of things.

Prized possessions mingle with the worthless.

Great-grandma's silver spoons wrapped in tattered baby blankets;

I can throw away neither.

Those canning jars...

I may use them again someday.

Decisions to be made

about the perfect place to put our things.

Figuring out the perfect sofa

for that spot in front of the windows.

Our little kingdom is full

just as my heart is stuffed.

And yet,

I dream of more.

I plan and save and shop

trying to choose well amidst

a plethora of options.

I throw something out

only to bring home

three more things.

While there's nothing wrong with abundance,

my mind is overwhelmed with things

and I wonder where my heart is set.

Walking away from the boxes,

past my tidy lawn

and carefully pruned bushes,

I wander beside the prairie

and through a meadow

dotted with pines.

My eye is captured by wildflowers

blooming bright blue and yellow under a glorious sky.



Growing in simple beauty,

not concerned with patterns and borders

and sprinkler systems.

They have no use for things,

no need for

fertilizer, mulch, pots or pruning shears.

Yet they are more beautiful and abundant

than the designed and deliberate

garden of my little kingdom.

They are free and unhampered

to grow and bloom where they will.

I turn back to my home

with a wildflower bouquet in hand,

not to uproot my lawn and throw away all my things,

but rather to

hold them loosely.

To use and enjoy the things of earth

instead of letting my mind and heart

be owned by them.

To plan and serve and work

while setting my heart

on His kingdom.

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