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  • Karen L Higgins

Like Flowers Before Thee

Sun-warmed petals unfurl

one by one,

leaving behind the hardness of winter,

the uncertainty of spring.


yet joyful in their unfolding,

they spread fragrance

and beauty to savor

until all is open,

all revealed.

Nothing held back.

And I wonder,

if my heart and soul

were a flower,

what would I look like?

At times,

I feel unyielding and closed off

like a bud.

Hiding in hardness

and fear.

Full of promises

that I can't seem to grasp.

But then I see a glow

and feel a warmth.

Do I dare hope?

Do I loosen my grip a little

and have some faith?

Or will frost come

to bite me again tomorrow?

Hope battling fear,

fear bashing hope,

paralyzing any forward movement.

And yet,

stubborn and afraid though I may be,

the Son's warmth proves irresistible.

Softening this hard heart,

building trust, growing faith,

giving courage and honesty.

His kindness

unfolding my heart

like a flower before Him.

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