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  • Karen L Higgins

Turning a New Leaf

"Out with the old,

in with the new."

Why does that saying

set my teeth on edge?

Is it just me?

Maybe it's because I like the old.

Because change is scary.

Maybe my rut is soft and warm,

comfortable like a down blanket

on a chilly night.

I like to think that I love adventure,

learning new things,

going to new places,

meeting new people.

And I do.

But I also tend to cling to the past,

to the familiar,

rather than hold it loosely.

But while it's true

that comfort zones can turn into excuses,

it's also true

that old things have value.

Old lessons learned,

long-ago dreams remembered.

Memories of love and laughter

to brighten dark days.

Echoes of words that inspired and encouraged

remaining with me through hard times.

Old things shouldn't be discarded lightly,

like garbage on the side of the road.

Shrugged over.


I look at leaves sprouting,

like new-born babies.

Brilliant green,



Yet strong enough

to withstand spring's wild weather.

Strong because they sprout

from established wood,

from soil that is made

of old, decomposed matter.

I wouldn't be who I am

without the past.

But neither can I be the person

God has in mind

without change

and newness.

Without stepping forward in faith

to live life as a new creation.

My heart set on

the old story

of long-ago sacrifice,

his love from before time began.

Moving forward into his will,

thankful for the past,

ready for the next step

until I reach the ultimate

comfort zone.

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