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  • Karen HIggins

When Seasons Collide

Sometimes, seasons flow into one another

effortlessly, graciously,

making way for a new phase

of life.

But sometimes

seasons collide,

one season unprepared,

holding on,

while another blasts through,

taking over.

Icy fall leaves cling to branches,

frozen in place.

Blooms are covered with frost,

still-lives of summer.

Limbs overloaded with

snow-covered leaves

droop to the ground

and are severed.

And I wonder,

do I clutch on to things

too long?

Stubbornly holding fast

with icy fingers,

to how I think things should go-

even to the point

of destruction?

Bitter winds blow through me.

Dreams freeze and shatter.

I clench a snow-white flag, holding it up to the sky.


Disheartened. Disappointed.



as snow drifts grow

and rivers ice over,

the world outside glitters with promise.

Quietness and rest

steal inside my soul,

and life becomes more clear.

Things are exactly as they are supposed to be.

For I know The One

who holds the seasons in His hands,

is wise and kind and good.

And even when I don't understand,

He only, ever

does all things well.

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