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  • Karen L Higgins

Winter's Wait

The earth is still and silent

in the hush of winter.

Cocooned in a blanket

of frost, fog

and certainty,

it rests and waits,


the sun will turn warm,

seeds will sprout,

and life will come again

as it always has.

And I,

while waiting for change,

for answers,

for dreams realized

am so far from comfortable.


alternately hoping and dreading.

An internal argument

swirling in my mind.

Push or submit.

Fight or rest.

Wondering if I've done all I can do.

A pit in my stomach

and a longing in my heart.

But even so,

eternity is written on my soul,

and I can't help but hope

for good answers

and wishes come true..

And sweet rest comes when I remember

the One

who knows all the answers,

who knows what's around the bend.

Yes, even planned these things

for my good and his glory.

The One

who does all things well.

I inhale the cold air,

admire the barren trees,

and avoid the mud puddles,

quieting my heart,

renewing my strength.

Learning to trust

in the season of waiting.

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