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Thorns and Thistles

There is a corner of my property that has been

neglected, ignored, let go.

There were some rhubarb starts there

and some currant bushes at the edge of a small fruit orchard.

Why I let it go, well, I could give at least a dozen excuses,

but the fact of the matter is that it's a hot, dry, rocky corner

and currants are a pain to pick.

So, the result is thorns, thistles, small trees,

and dirt that resembles concrete.

With my new mulch, I suddenly have more time on my hands-

yes, the verdict on dark bark for weed control is, so far,

a resounding 'Yay'!

And so, I have turned my attention to this long-neglected corner.

It's been a back-breaking labor of love, and I'm not done yet.

But for every thorn and thistle in my life,

both real and figurative,

there are surprises of grace and beauty, if I'm looking for them.

And sometimes even when I'm not.

Who knew a blackberry blossom could be so lovely,

or smell so sweet, with a hint of the lusciousness of pie to come!

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