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Fickle yet Faithful Phlox

How can a flower be fickle and also faithful, you ask?

The faithful part is easy to explain.

Phlox is happy to bloom from July through mid-September,

tall, yet not inclined to fall over,

intensely fragrant, especially in the morning and evening,

bright, happy and cheerful,

summer after summer.

My one and only complaint about this flower is it's inclination to take over.

But I'm happy to give it (mostly) free reign.

Now for the fickle part....

I received a clump of this from my sister.

Bright, bold, happy pink!

A couple of years later, I noticed a lilac colored phlox in a different part of the garden.

Huh. But yes, please!

Another couple of years pass,

and up pops a glorious, pure white phlox!

And I do mean glorious!

I was, and still am, thrilled!

And that brings us to this year.

Yes, you guessed it!

A sweet baby pink plox appeared,

seemingly out of nowhere!

So, as you can see,

my phlox hasn't decided what she wants to be

when she's all grown up.

But fickle really isn't so bad!

I wonder what's next...?

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