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  • Karen HIggins

Winter Gardens

Now that the holidays are behind us

with all their noise and glitter and magic,

it feels as though winter is really here.

The quiet months can seem long and dreary, for sure,

so I thought it was high time to follow Karen's nudging and

 write up a post about winter gardens.

I'm going to try and be informative and practical rather than philosophical,

for a change. We'll see how that works out!

So, how do you make a garden pleasing to the eye even in the gray months?

The structure of your garden, the things you planted that remain green,

that stand tall, that add height and interest

are essential for the winter garden.

If you love perennials, by all means, plant many!

But don't forget the importance of structure, the balance that shrubs and trees can bring.

Pour yourself a mug of something hot, get cozy and imagine with me!

Here, I suggest a few additions to that structure,

things that will add color, interest and texture in the grey months.

This is the red elderberry, only this one seems to

be a lovely shade of rusty, pinkish red.

It does fine with wet soil and partial shade,

blooms lovely white clusters of flowers,

and attracts birds as the berries ripen.

It can get nice and tall, which is necessary for an interesting focal point.

This black mondo grass is a fun addition.

It sets off the green evergreen shrubs in the garden nicely,

and adds a tropical-like texture.

You wouldn't want to prune this back until spring, so you can see its

interesting testure in the winter.

More grass, coated in frost.

The burning bush is aptly named,

as the branches show a plethora of orange, red and yellow,

one blending into the next.

A good reminder of the colors to arrive in the coming months!

A beautiful tree trunk adds dimension and interest

to the winter garden,

also providing a place for lichen to grow and flourish for texture and color.

White-barked aspen and birch are especially lovely to look at in the winter.

And we can't forget about the coral bells,

their burgundy leaves that mound so nicely,

adding a dash of color.

 Plant art in your garden!

Fencing, pergolas, arbours and beautiful rocks

will still be there when your flowers are at rest.

They can add height, texture and fun to your space.

Even in the snow, the evergreen boxwood stands out,

especially in this curved design.

Notice the evergreen trees and the sweet bench

for additional structure.

May you flourish in these quiet months.

When the wind blows cold around your home,

and you don't dare go outside,

 think of winter as a Sabbath rest for the soil

and a time of reflection, dreaming and planning for you.

But if you're feeling gray and uninspired yourself,

think of the things that add structure to your days and delight for your soul.

May you embrace these quiet months,

secure in the hope of your creator's love

and of new life to come.

I hope this gives you a dash of inspiration!

Yours truly,


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Such lovely thoughts and photos. I can hardly wait to meet Posey in your first published novel!

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Karen HIggins
Karen HIggins
15 feb
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Thank you, MIndy!!

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