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A TP Holder, a Grocery Store Display and a Headboard

What do they all have in common?

They're all in my garden, of course!

Here is the headboard, the newest in my collection.

I made it useful by adding some hooks to hang my tools from.

And of course I had to sneak a peek of my hydrangeas in there!

This used to be bright yellow, with green leaves and purple grapes.

It also used to sit in a grocery store, holding a display of wine.

Now, it is creamy white, minus the grapes

and minus the wine.

It is host to David Austin climbing roses instead.

A massive step-up in my opinion.

And then there's this, the toilet paper holder.

I spotted it at a garage sale.

Heaven knows was emerald green, with burgundy grapes.

Quite hideous.

But it does make a perfect flower pot holder.

It just goes to show what a touch of imagination

(or complete lack of taste) can do.

A sense of humor and a can of spray paint helps too!

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