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  • Karen HIggins

Considering the Lilies

Greetings, dear friends,

It's spring, and I for one, am delighting in the new-ness of life!

I hope you are as well!

I took a walk the other morning in the old and lovely part of town.

The gardens surrounding these houses were so beautiful,

so trim and tidy, so well-loved and cared for.

Void of weeds, bursting with blooms of all colors, sizes and textures.

Then I walked across a grassy field to a park, and these caught my eye.


A greater contrast to the gardens I had been enjoying I couldn't imagine.

Not planted by human hands, untended by fertilizer,

watering can and spade.

Cut with the sharp blades of a lawn mower.

Trod upon by people.

And yet, see how they thrive!

 We are told in the Bible

to consider, or see, the lilies of the field.

To marvel at how they grow, strong and beautiful,

in the face of adversity and neglect.



To learn from their sweet faces how to push aside worry.

To trust and rest in the

loving care of our Savior. 

 To open our eyes and consider how God is working,

even if,

especially if,

we can't make sense of it.

Grace and peace to you all!

Yours truly,


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