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  • Pocketful of Posey

A Pocketful

To introduce myself,

my name is Posey,

and I am a character in Karen's series.

Karen thinks she made me up,

but I know better.

I've gardened all my life, from a gracious estate in Hampshire, England

to the high-desert hills of Wenatchee, Washington.

From this, I like to imagine I have something to share with you..

.a pocketful of knowledge,

a bit of encouragement,

a handful of pictures.

It would give me joy to connect with other gardeners out there

and to share what we each have learned.

Gardening, I have found, is like most things in life,

a process, a never-ending cycle.

It is a beautiful mixture of science and art.

And it's also a lot of work.

When I go back inside and wash the soil off my hands,

stretch my tired back,

then stand at the window and look at what was accomplished,

it's always worth it.

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