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The Necessity of White Flowers

What is it about white flowers that have so captured me?

I can't say I've ever thought about them much before,

preferring my usual run of yellows, peaches and pinks.

But then there was the year I went on a wild rant against the feverfew

that had taken over my garden.

Feverfew, in case you don't know, has propagation qualities

that would put bunnies to shame.

Well, my garden that summer was a disappointment.

The roses and lilacs, anemones and black eyed Susan’s all bloomed as beautifully as ever,

but something was missing.

There was nothing to frame and contrast those beautiful colors.

There was no softness around the edges, no blending of one color into the next,

no lacy green foliage or sweet little white flowers.

In short, my garden didn’t delight my heart that year,

all because I was merciless in my weeding.

The feverfew had no voice that year.

That was the year I fell in love with white,

when I had none.

A few of my favorite whites? Well, foxglove, for starters.

They are a little rare in my garden, so I celebrate each one.

White anenomes and white peonies are stunning,

and of course, white roses.

Especially David Austin's Winchester Cathedral and Mme. Hardy,

looking so fat and fluffy they bring to mind a marshmallow.

And, of course, there's always feverfew,

and I mean always!

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