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Waging War on Weeds

Part One: A Little Philosophy

Every battle needs a strategy.

And behind every great strategy lies a great big something

called hope.

Having lived through more years than I care to admit,

I know the importance of hope and vision.

We don't want our gardens to feel like burdens,

like something we just don't have the capacity for.

For the act of gardening,

the process of it all, the work and the sweat,

has an abundance of side benefits,

more than just the luxury of strolling through the garden, smelling the roses.

Take weeding for example.

I will give you some hints, some advice, even some weapons to help you fight weeds.

But before I launch into that, let us have a vision, a hope behind the strategy,

an idea of what good can come of weeding besides lovely soil and blooms.

To me, it has become a quiet time, a thinking time.

A time to pray and reflect.

I have found that if I have a trouble to sort through,

the rhythm of weeding along with the fresh air, the singing of birds and the smell of the soil brings a proper perspective on the size of my troubles,

on the importance of me and my wants.

. Now isn't that just like God?

To take the weeds that we deserve and turn them into blessings.

Turn them into grace.

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