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Waging War on Weeds, Part Two

All the philosophy in the world isn't going to do much to actually pull those weeds. Unfortunately.

So, just like every war needs strategy, so every war needs weapons.

I have found that in all the wide array of weeding tools out there,

there are only two that are essential.

Well, three if you're old like me.

First comes the small trowel.

It must be narrow and pointed to properly dig up those roots. I love the wooden handle as well as the measurements on the side, as this comes in handy at planting time.

Next on the short list is a small rake.

While this may not be completely necessary, once you've uprooted your weeds with the trowel, you can use the rake to smooth the dirt again. T

his gives a nice touch,

kind of like when you vacuum and it leaves lines behind

. It makes it look as though you've really worked hard,

and the soil looks happy and loved.

The only other weapon I really use for weeding is a cushion for my old knees.

At least for now.

Probably someday I'll have to add a cane,

then a walker. Because as long as I'm alive, there will always be weeds.

Next time we chat, I'll give you my tips on how to landscape your garden to cut down on weeds.

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