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Garden Art

I am going to assume that all my readers already understand

that a garden is art.

Yes, it's hard work, it's dirty, it's uncomfortable at times.

And when you find a cutworm or a slug,

it doesn't feel beautiful.

But art isn't always beautiful, is it?

Art is our expression of inward thoughts,

feelings, motivations.

It's letting the inside out.

Sometimes, art needs a frame, something to show it off.

That's how I like to think of the things I add to my garden,

the things that don't grow.

This is a sweet bird bath I received as a gift.

I love birds, especially sparrows.

Engraved on the lip are the words from an old hymn.

'His eye is on the sparrow,

and I know he watches me.'

This is an old wooden tool box I found at a garage sale.

I planted various kinds of ground cover in it,

but the violets have mostly taken over.

I don't mind.

And this, while it's not actually in the garden, is just so fun,

I thought you might like it too.

I have many more pieces of garden art to show you in the coming months.

I would love to see pictures of yours!

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