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A Walk on a Windy Day

Inspiration can come in many forms.

But a walk on a windy day, with the fall leaves

swirling around my feet,

peeking into cottage gardens...

it doesn't get much better than that.

This home in particular captured my attention.

From the hydrangeas to the ivy, and everything

in between, these gardeners did a marvelous

job of contrasting texture and color.

But underneath it all is some really wonderful design.

This garden was not thrown together.

It was thought out carefully, planned ahead,

created with time.

In contrast, here is one that grew

and grew, and grew.

A delightful jumble of foliage.

It makes me want a good game of

hide and seek!

I'll leave you with this...

because there's just nothing like a row of birches

in the fall.

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