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Surprises in the Garden

The weather surprised me today in the best of ways,

allowing me to spend some time

in the garden.

My garden needed me as much as I needed it.

The leaves all over the soil weren't pretty anymore,

for the most part, instead they were soggy and lifeless.

And the anemones had sprung into action,

as they always do when my back is turned,

taking over a large portion for themselves.

So it was maintenance today. But even in the soggy mush,

I found some delightful surprises.

A rose blooming amongst the cherry-red rose hips.

A single vinca blossom, blooming entirely out of season.

The fuchsia, still blooming with, of course, feverfew blossoms below.

Another dainty rose, small as my pinky-nail, blooming in a back drop of rose hips and golden leaves.

A sweet mossy rock, clean from the rain.

And my new winterberry, thriving in newly weeded soil.

I hope your garden brings you many surprises, but only of the good variety!

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