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Winter Gardening-A Sugar Coated Garden

Greetings friends! Karen asked me to write a garden journal post

about winter gardening today.

I believe she wanted me to suggest some plants that winter-over well

and some thoughts on what to add for structure in this barren season.

Karen, however, is quite used to me, as the main character in her novel,

coming up with my own ideas.

Today Jack Frost visited, so Karen's ideas will have to wait.

Usually, I'm all about planning a garden

to showcase the beauty of each season.

And I still am, but now that winter is here,

I realize that you just can't plan for frost.

Frost Coated Bush

Frost is the only thing that can make every single, solitary

element breathtaking.

Frosty Grasses make it worthwhile to prune in spring.

Every neglected pile of leaves.

Frost Coated Maple leaves

Every spent blossom.

Didn't prune on time, but worth it!

It defines everything with a clarity

that the warmest sunbeam

and the dewiest drop of rain cannot begin to do.

Kind of like Scripture, no?

Defining everything in life,

bringing clarity to confused and hurting situations

like nothing else can do.

Full of truths straight from God's heart that cover over

every tired and broken element

with a beauty that cannot be surpassed.

I will post my thoughts on gardening for a winter scene

once Jack Frost leaves.

In the meantime, you'll find me wandering my garden,

camera in one hand,

mug of tea in the other.

Yours truly,


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