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Spring Cleaning the Garden

Spring already?

Well, I may be jumping the gun a little,

but a day of sunshine can have that effect.

It was cold, the ground was frozen for some of the day,

so I started off by pruning and removing the dead stalks of last year's perennials.

A lot of gardeners tell you to do this in the fall,

and while this makes a nice, tidy look for the winter,

I prefer to do the clean up in February for a couple of reasons.

The birds will feed off the seeds in the cold winter months,

and watching the birds in the garden gives me great joy.

Also, I kind of like the tall, brown stalks.

It gives height and structure,

and reminds me of the beauty there last summer, and the beauty to come.

I found some surprises as I worked.

I was not expecting big, fat buds on some of the trees.

Or the phlox already popping it's head up.

I certainly didn't anticipate a hydrangea blooming!

It was a bud from last fall,

that somehow lasted through the winter and decided to try it's hand

at blooming in February.

Another reason to put off the pruning till spring!

And a purple vinca in bloom.

I always forget that they bloom early.

For which I'm thankful--both that they bloom early

and that I forget!

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