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The Garden is Blooming Again

Isn't it wonderful to see color again outside?

Yes, the sky is still grey, and most of the trees are still bare.

But there's yellow and purple and pink

punctuating the landscape with exclamation points.

I know it's early yet, but it's a good idea to plan for next spring right now,

before the bulbs are done and the garden is taken over by perennials.

Before we forgot just how lovely this month is,

and how it does our eyes good to see color again.

I'm jotting down a few notes in my garden journal for next fall when bulbs are selling again.

More daffodils, always more daffodils. Mini ones too.

More hyacinths, and more tulips.

And maybe something different, like this bulb that I can't

remember the name of. It grows only about four inches high,

and makes a lovely splash of periwinkle.

And yes, that is a piece of china in the primroses.

Things break, you see, but I hate to throw them away,

so instead I have a china graveyard.

Hoping you have a blessed and colorful spring!

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