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English Daisies, Spring's Wildflower

Once again, my garden is bested by nature.

Try as I might, my little patch of soil

will never have the random wildness of a field dotted with wildflowers.

But I don't mind, it is as it should be.

These sweet blooms are known as English daisies.

Usually white with a yellow center,

you can often find them in shades of pink as well.

They are rather short, reaching only three to six inches high,

making them an ideal plant for the front of the garden.

They have a deep taproot, which is good to know if you

are planning on transplanting them from your grass.

They do not prefer rich, high-nutrient soil,

another thing to keep in mind if you want them in your garden

instead of your lawn.

Personally, I think I will just keep on enjoying them in my grass,

although I am tempted by the double and triple blossoming

varieties found in nurseries, looking just like buttons.

From my lawn to yours: happy spring!

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