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Lilac Love

Is it just me, or have the lilacs this year been tremendous?

I don't remember them ever filling the air with this much fragrance.

Hopefully, that just means it's a good year for them,

and doesn't reflect anything about my memory.

I did my best to capture the prettiest I could find.

This one is, I believe, a Beauty of Moscow variety.

Pure, snowy white, turning to baby girl pink at the edges.

The scent is over-the moon lovely.

This one is much more common, but no less lovely.

The Charles Joly starts out as a deep purple,

opening to rich magenta.

And last, but certainly not least, is what is commonly known as the

Common Purple Lilac.

What a shame that name is.

Because there's nothing common in the sweet scent, lovely hue

and reliability of this variety.

I really do think it should be re-named, poor thing.

Something beautiful, something worthy.

Something that makes one think of spring and sunshine

and sweet scents in the breeze.

Enjoy your spring, fellow gardeners!

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