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Bouquet of the Month

Vegetables mixed with flowers

add texture and surprise in this bouquet.

Suitably, it is photographed in front of the kitchen garden.

A feast for the eyes,

feverfew mixed with yarrow, black-eyed Susan's, heliotrope, and shelling pea foliage. And a pea pod for good measure!

The soft, furry purple flowers are bee balm,

planted along the perimeter of the garden to bring the bees for pollination.

Pictured in front of the rusty, chicken-wire garden gate.

If you look hard enough, you can see beet tops mixed in,

their red veins matching the crimson flax blossoms.

And my new love, heliotrope.

It smells of vanilla, a beautiful contrast to the dark purple blooms

and textured jade foliage.

I hope this inspires you to go pick some blooms,

or veggies,

and enjoy them while they last!

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